Alternative Fuel Systems Inc.

Engine Control Systems

As a designer and manufacturer of core technology items for engine control, AFS has a toolbox of components from which to design complete, integrated engine management systems.  We’ll use our own components if we have what’s needed, but we’re happy to integrate components from other manufacturers if they have something we don’t – total value is always the end goal.

We’ve designed CNG systems for global OEM’s as well as fleet retrofit projects, and we know the varying priorities of each.

Our controllers, regulators and injectors are globally competitive for their intended applications.  But sometimes it’s more economical to source commodity conversion items such as ignition coils, mounting brackets and sensors in the country of end use.  We can design you a complete control system, calibrate it and provide kits for early production, with the intent of indigenizing certain items after production volumes increase.  This approach takes advantage of our knowledge base, gets the project going quickly, and provides a path to extremely competitive high-volume total system pricing.

AFS has designed dozens of complete control systems to help customers meet their emissions goals involving the most stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB), US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), European Union EURO targets and many other specific exhaust emissions standards.